Two-Way Dual Language Magnet Program

Two-Way Dual Language Magnet Program

Congratulations Tildenville Two Way Dual Language Magnet Program for being a 2020 Magnet School of America School of Distinction!

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Tildenville is entering its 19th year running a successful Dual Language Program. 

Two-Way Dual Language Program model integrates language minority and language majority students in the same classroom with the goal of academic excellence and bilingual proficiency for both student groups. Students of both language groups are combined for all content instruction in an environment which promotes language and social equality while supporting full bilingual proficiency for both native and non-native speakers of English. Our Two-Way Dual Language Program strives to cultivate understanding and appreciation of other cultures, inspire self-esteem, and strengthen positive attitudes among students, their families, and the community. Careful attention is paid to the development of bilingualism, biliteracy, and academic attainment for all participants. Students are expected to achieve academically at or above grade level in all content areas in both languages.

Participating students enter the program in kindergarten and there is limited consideration for other grades with language assessment.

Please note that bus transportation is not provided for this program.

Specific Eligibility Requirements
: Applicant's schedule must be able to accommodate magnet classes.

The Two-Way Dual Language Parent Orientation PowerPoint for students entering the 2020-2021 school year is located here. 

2020-2021 Application Process
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Two Way Dual Language Enrollment begins November 1, 2021, and will remain open until February 15, 2022. Depending on the availability of seats, summer enrollment may occur until we reach capacity. Please go to to find further enrollment information. All incoming elementary students and current Pre-K students at Tildenville who are interested must apply. This includes all students who are zoned for Tildenville. Check out our Virtual School Tour.

Fifth-grade students continuing the Two Way Dual Language program or who wish to enroll in the World Academy at Lakeview Middle School must also apply! There will be parent informational meetings held at Lakeview to learn about the Two Way Dual Language program during the school year. We will keep all 5th graders up to date on these meetings, flyers will go home as the meetings come up. Check out the Virtual Tour of Lakeview here. 



For more information on either of these programs please contact:

Tildenville Elementary: [email protected]

Lakeview Middle School: [email protected]