ADDitions Volunteers


Tildenville is always looking for interested parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who can provide a few hours of community service to our students. There are many opportunities to peak your interest. We are always looking for professionals to spend the day with us in November for Teach-in, where you can spread the word about your career and what our students need to be doing now to be marketable in the future.

How to sign up to become an ADDitions School Volunteer

-Go to or the Tildenville website (

     >>OCPS site: scroll down to the “Quick Links” section and in the gray box on the right, click the Heart for Volunteer.

     >>Tildenville’s site: Underneath the slide show, click on the icon for “Volunteer”.

--A window will open to the Community Resources page>>on the Right side of the page, under “ADDitions School Volunteer & a Partner in Education” click on the “CLICK HERE” link.

You are now on the page to stat the steps below

-Click Search Opportunities

-Click Volunteers

-Search by schools: type “Tildenville”, click “Tildenville Elementary”, and click search – this will bring you to the list of Tildenville’s Opportunities.

These will be the steps to sign up for any opportunity.

If you have not sign up as an ADDitions Volunteer or you need to update your account (which must be done yearly), select the “Become an ADDitions School Volunteer” opportunity first and fill out the application or log into your account and complete the abbreviated application to update your account (please make sure ALL SECURITY QUESTIONS are filled out).

-Once you have completed the “Become an ADDitions School Volunteer” opportunity, repeat the steps starting with “Search Opportunities” to select another opportunity to sign up for.

*If you have been an ADDitions Volunteer in the past couple of years and don’t remember your username and password, when you go to login, click “forgot password” and they will email you a username and a link to change your password.   Please make a note of your username and password.  You will need it to sign in/out when volunteering and to access your dashboard.  Make sure you list Howard and any other schools that you wish to volunteer for.

*You must sign into an opportunity for Howard even if you are approved at another school, otherwise we will not be able to see your account.

*Any questions, please contact Ms. Sylvia, ADDitions Coordinator at or

407-877-5054 ext. 3972227 or Ms.Zepeda, ADDitions Co-Coordinator  at 407-877-5054 ext 3972221.