World Language Academy

Students in the Dual Language program will receive instruction in English and Spanish daily. They will also receive 45 minutes of French once a week. 

Students in the English only program will receive French once a week. 

The websites below are resources to practice these languages at home. 

Language Resources to Practice at Home

Ways to practice Spanish using technology:

Nickelodeon Jr. Hispanic Heritage Month videos

Nick Jr. Role Models Campaign- Narcis Monturiol

Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign: Ellen Ochoa

Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign: Dara Torres

Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign : Tito Puente

Celebrating Novelist Oscar Hijuelos

Celebrating Supreme Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Ways to practice French using technology: Free childrens books in French.

Download French Apps:

Google Play Store:
(Android) or

App Store:
- French Audio Flashcards, by Declan Software
- French Free 24/7 Language Learning by 24/7 Tutor

French and Spanish Practice:

Practicing Spanish at Home Resources.pdf

Copy of Language Numbers Chart.xls